Miko Fusco

I am a 18 year old Video Editor, Music Producer, and Graphic Designer with a background of content creation for myself! I am dedicated to my craft, and my goal is to bring your ideas to life. I want to make you happy.Business Inquiries:


I am a video producer, designer, photographer, and musician!
Here is some stuff I've accomplished, things I can do, and more!
I have a background in Content Creation, and I have taken 2 years of Video Editing classes, and 1 year of Film Production classes. focusing on Premiere Pro. I have also completed a Certified Career and Tech program in Graphic Visual Arts.
I am attending Pace University as a Film Major!


I am a young, passionate video editor who wants to learn and create compelling content.I've edited for nearly 10 years; anything from IRL content, Reactions, Vlogs, Movies, etc.If you don't see something, I will learn it!


EnVi Media:
Videography, Editing, Producing

Jeffrey Bui - YouTube

Editor - Cutting, Pacing, Visuals, Retention edits, etc

Jiedel - YouTube

Main Editor - Cutting, Pacing, Subtitles, Visuals, Retention

Gaming Content!

Film Work

DanTDM - YouTube Shorts!

Personal YouTube Videos!

I made all edits in my videos, and I made all the Thumbnails as well!


With a love for photography from a young age, I recently decided to take it to a professional level, most recently, taking photos for New York Fashion Week models in September 2023.
Follow my media account on Instagram: @mediabymiko




Check out these songs Miko has produced!


Here are some Ads, Thumbnails, and more that Miko has created!

MP2 Events Logo

MP2 Events Logo

Gameshow Promo

MP2 Events Logo

New Years Eve Roster

I can make overlays!

Thank you for viewing!

I am always going to be updating this page as I improve and gain experience. Feel free to contact me below for any business inquiries!My business email is

About Me!

What's your name?

My name is Miko Fusco!

How old are you?

I am 18 years old.

Tell me about yourself.

I am in college as an Entertainment Management major. After taking film and editing classes in highschool, along with years of self training, I am a Video Producer and Photographer for EnVi Media along with my freelance duties.I have a background in Music Production, working on full length albums and singles!I've worked with content and music since I was very young. My whole life I was surrounded by technology and videomaking, as I have dived into personal content creation for many years prior!I've worked with the likes of DanTDM, Jiedel, RickleVR, and more!

What's your favorite color?

As you may be able to see, my favorite colors are Pink and Blue!

What are your prices?

Videos Work: $200 per video (base)Music: $300 per song + 20% Royalties. EP/Album Bundles TBDPhotography: $100 for independent shoots. $200 for shows, events, etc.


This is my current pricing for my services. All prices are negotiable, and payment plans can be put in place if absolutely necessary.

Video Editing:

-Starting at $200 without add ons
-Shorts like TikToks or reels will be $80
-For long-term agreements, I accept weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly pay.


$5 per minute of final audio
-Not included with video price

Music Production

$300 + 20% Royalties Per Song

Want to request a service?

Fill out this form! Genuine inquiries only.

Want to request a service?

Fill out this form! Genuine inquiries only.